Should You Live in Winter Garden or Orlando? City vs. Suburbs

If you are someone who loves the hustle and bustle of Orlando and living within a walkable distance of all the hotspots it might be a stretch to see yourself living in a quieter town just outside the city and enjoying a Friday night in.

If you are someone who enjoys a slower and more relaxed pace of life you may find that Winter Garden seems to be a dream destination and might find it less enjoyable to live where you could walk to your favorite coffee shop but also hear street noise outside your window at every hour of the day.

But if you are a buyer that could see yourself living in either location of the greater Orlando area you might have a tough time deciding if the city for the suburbsShould You Live in Winter Garden or Orlando? City vs. Suburbs is where you truly want to invest in a property purchase and settle in.

Sometimes taking a look at the pros and cons of each style of living can help you to work out what location you ultimately would prefer.

Pros of suburban Winter Garden living

The cost

When it comes to living in the suburbs it often comes at a lower price tag. There are expensive homes in Winter Garden that do cost more than some homes in the Orlando city limits but you will find that these homes give large amounts of room to spread out and grow. In the suburbs, you will get more square footage for your spending dollars.

Larger yards

It is easier to find homes with plenty of outdoor space when you live in the suburbs. You might find a rare Orlando property that has a sizable yard but it is easier to find outdoor space in a Winter Garden home. If you are someone who dreams about being out in your own expansive outdoor space then Winter Garden may be more your style.

Less stress

While you can't escape the stress no matter where you live the atmosphere and culture of an area can help to add or take away from overall stress. Typically the hustle and bustle of a city can add to overstimulated and hectic feelings. Getting away into a slower less busy atmosphere helps your mind and body to feel more at ease and to relax more easily.

Cons of suburban living

While Winter Garden is an amazing place and continuously growing in desirability no place on the planet is absolutely perfect to live.

Job Opportunity

A suburb is a suburb because it is a bedroom community of a large bustling city. It is just outside the city and has a smaller population and fewer commercial offerings than the city it is next to. Because of this, there are fewer job opportunities compared to working in a larger city like Orlando.

Less to do

 Winter Garden is full of amazing activities and fun things and some people come from Orlando to experience Winter Garden regularly. There are still fewer activities in Winter Garden than in Orlando. Living in the suburbs means traveling to neighboring areas to experience activities on a larger scale.

You might also find that there are more offerings for getting involved in clubs and activities in the city as compared to the suburbs. Or you may find that higher levels of commitment to hobbies you love have you traveling back to the city for the top programs such as playing in a sports team or acting in a local play.

Advantages of living in Orlando

More to choose from

A city with a higher population density will offer more activities and things to do and higher levels of those activities. You may find some clubs offer what you are interested in in the suburbs but maybe not a specific style of your preferred activity. Sometimes with lesser populations suburbs have a limited set or offering of things to do.

Public transportation

In larger cities like Orlando, it is easier to get around without the need for a car. You'll find that many areas of Winter Garden are more car-dependent as compared to walkable areas of Orlando or being able to just jump on a bus and get where you need to go. You will also find it may take a little bit longer to get to the places you need to be when you live in the suburbs instead of the city.

More Diversity

A larger population and more infrastructure mean more real estate choices. You can choose between seemingly countless varieties of condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. There is more to choose from when it comes to property types and styles in the city because it is more developed.

Drawbacks of City Living

Higher price tag.

In real estate there is one major cliche. Location! Location! Location! A driving factor to a property's value is the convenience of the location or the size and seclusion with views. Living in the city means you are closer to all of the things you could need in daily life and all of the things you could want to keep you busy when you have free time to choose. For this reason, real estate in the city is more expensive. 


City streets are more crowded and can take longer to get to where you need to be at certain times of the day. More people in a smaller footprint of space creates congestion. Orlando is not nearly as bad as say New York, but there are peak traffic times in certain areas of the city. 

Less Space

Things are more compact in the city. Buildings and homes are closer together. This is great and convenient when you want to get from one place to another, but it can be a drawback when you think about home affordability. If you want more square footage you will pay a premium price for it the closer you get to downtown. 

Both Orlando and Winter Garden have their positive attributes. Where you should choose to live boils down to how you see yourself living an ideal typical day and how you see yourself spending the perfect weekend. Thinking about how you ultimately like to comfortably live and what you need to help you do so will help you to decide whether the city or the suburbs are best for you. 

For more information on living in the greater Orlando area including the city and all of the amazing surrounding suburbs, contact me. I can help you find the best Orlando area home for you.

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