Should You Screen in the Patio of Your Winter Garden Home?

Should You Screen in the Patio of Your Winter Garden Home?Many homes in Florida have a screened-in back patio area and often cover a private pool and spa. However, not all homes feature this screened-in outdoor recreation space. If you are considering the purchase of a Winter Garden home without a screened-in back porch should you consider investing to screen it in?

The benefits of screening in your porch

To determine if a screened-in porch is right for you determining the benefits and functions of a back porch screen can be helpful.

Keeping things out

The biggest reason many Florida homeowners choose a screen around their back porch is to keep out unwanted bugs and pests as well as any wildlife that might find what is inside your back patio intriguing especially the private pool. It is not uncommon in Florida to find a hot animal looking to take a dip in a private backyard pool. You may have seen a video or two of a visiting crocodile or even much smaller and more common creatures like squirrels and birds helping themselves to a swim at a Florida home.

Having a screened and protected patio drastically reduces the likelihood of finding a friend or two hanging out in your pool or just trying to get cool in the shade under a cover.

Property value

Building a screen around your patio increases its usefulness and functionality these are both attributes that can increase the value of your home. It allows the homeowner to more easily and comfortably use the outdoor space while also not having to clean debris from the patio. All of these are seen as a benefit of having a screen and this increases home desirability and home value.

Reducing maintenance

A screen is an added barrier of protection for your patio area. This is especially true if you have a pool or spa on your back patio. A screened-in area keeps elements from coming in contact with this portion of your yard and keeps the area cleaner as compared to not having the screen. Many homeowners in Winter Garden with a private pool find this to be a necessity to help them keep their pool clean and from having to clean out debris every day.

It is good to consider the cost of investing in a screened-in porch but it's also good to think about all of the benefits that it could bring to your Winter Garden home. If you are considering purchasing a home that does not have a screened-in porch it might be worth the investment so that you can more easily enjoy your outdoor space at all times of the day with less work and no unwanted visitors.

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