Things to Clean Minutes Before a Home Showing in Winter Garden

Things to Clean Minutes Before a Home Showing in Winter GardenIf you have ever put your home up for sale before, you are probably no stranger to real estate agents calling you up and telling you they are just around the corner with their clients and they would like to come and see your house. No matter how much you communicate you would like realtors to plan an appointment to bring their clients to see your home, there's always a couple that will only give you a few moment's notice before they arrive at your door.

What can you do as a Winter Garden home seller to prepare for these moments? You don't want to turn a potential buyer away from looking at your home because they could be the one to make that ideal offer. But you also still live in your home and it cannot be pristine every minute of the day. Luckily there are some key areas you can focus some quick cleaning tasks on to prepare for those last-minute home showings.

What to clean minutes before a home showing

Corral the clutter

One of the biggest things we all notice and immediately judge upon entering a home is if things are put away. The first thing you want to do is quickly go through every area of the home and tidy it up making sure everything has what seems like a designated place where it has always belonged.

A really good strategy to being able to do this in less time is to box up as much of your belongings as possible before listing your home for sale. When there is less to get out and leave out there is less to put back in its rightful spot before a potential Winter Garden home buyer comes over to look.

When everything has a neat and tidy space, other things can go unnoticed like that small bit of dust underneath the table.

Take a couple of minutes to strategically stage

In main living areas take a couple of extra minutes to thoughtfully place items like pillows and blankets so they look decorative, inviting, and clean without actually getting out the duster or the vacuum. It is a simple and quick trick to make a space feel elevated and ready to be seen without giving it your white glove cleaning makeover.

Let the natural light flood in

This is a very simple and very quick task that can be accomplished and has a huge impact on how your home will show to a buyer. Natural light is a huge factor in a home showing at its best. Opening up all the window coverings to let as much natural light into your space as possible is critically important to show off your home. And taking just a few seconds to make sure windows are nicely cleaned helps all the more. The more natural light the bigger the space seems and the more cheerful and inviting it becomes.

Take a few minutes to look over the front door

The front door of a home is a place that holds huge first impressions and these are major. You want your front door to look warm and inviting on both sides. The outside of the front door should be clean and minimally decorated. A new doormat and a swept porch are vital to your curb appeal. You also want to keep the inside of your front door clutter-free, tidy, and staged so that feels welcoming. You want the space to capture a potential buyer's dreams of welcoming their guests into this new home.

Take a look at the kitchen and bathroom

Make sure to take a quick look at the most scrutinized areas of a home for potential buyers. This is the kitchen and the bathroom. These areas are always at the top of a buyers ' list and they will make sure that they are looking for certain attributes in these most important rooms. Make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink in your kitchen and that there is nothing out of place in your bathrooms.

If you have some extra time left over sweeping and vacuuming are always a great added touch to help the home feel well-cleaned and well-kept. An additional great bonus touch is lighting a candle or making sure that the air freshener is ready to go. A great-smelling home communicates a clean and pleasant atmosphere.

If you are considering the sale of your Winter Garden home I am here to help. Contact me anytime with any of your Winter Garden real estate needs.

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