What to Consider Before Purchasing a Winter Garden Home in a Gated Community

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Winter Garden Home in a Gated CommunityA gated community is often seen as a beneficial asset for purchasing a home to many Winter Garden homebuyers. It adds an extra layer of security with limited access to who can get inside. If you are currently looking for a new home in Winter Garden you may be wondering if you should consider one of the many popular gated neighborhoods in the city.

Considering the gated lifestyle for purchasing a Winter Garden home

While living within can you get a community can seem like an obvious perk there are always a few drawbacks. No home is going to be 100% perfect any homeowner can tell you that even their dream home a few years down the road they found something they would change about it. Before purchasing any home it is always best to consider what living there might look like and if you are up for it. 

Living in a gated community does have its perks

There are several advantages to living within a gated community that come with the purchase of a home. These include:


The main reason for putting up a gate at the entrance to a housing community is to add an extra layer of security and deter anyone from just driving through the roads in the neighborhood. The majority of people coming in and out of the gates of the neighborhood are the people that live within. A gate is put in place to cut down on the amount of visitors from outside.


Not all gated communities but several of them offer extra community amenities within the gates. This could be anything from a large country club-style clubhouse and swimming pool with a fitness center to simple walking paths and a kids' play area. Not all gated communities come with amenities but it is a common popular feature.


Having a gate at the entrance to the community cuts down on the ability for people to find a shortcut to get from one point to another in Winter Garden. There will be no flow of extra cars through the main streets of the neighborhood because these people cannot get through the gates.

Some things that can slow life down with a gate in place

Like we said every community and every home is going to have its drawbacks. And drawbacks can be opinion-based from homeowner to homeowner. What someone might find a hindrance another person might find not that big of a deal. That being said there are some common drawbacks that homeowners in gated communities have shared. These include:

Taking longer to get somewhere

Just as the gate is meant to slow down people who don't live there from entering the neighborhood or utilizing the streets it can create just a smidgen of extra time for you as well. Getting in and out of the gate is going to require you to either stop and visit a guard, put in a code, or at least slow down and make sure that your gate remote is working.

The gate system in every gated community can open differently but it will require whoever goes through it to slow down. And if you catch a time when other neighbors are trying to get through the gates it could cause even more of a slowdown. This is something to consider if you work standard hours that many other people work. You might hit a lineup trying to get out of the community to get to work for example.

Less privacy between the neighbors

When there is less activity going on in the streets there is more ability to notice what people are up to. This can mean that everything you do is more easily noticed by your neighbors. Some people who live within gated communities have mentioned that they feel they are under a magnifying glass with some of their neighbors. This can be especially true for neighbors with a lead foot on less-than-busy streets.

Receiving deliveries or having company

If you like to entertain or you order something with direct delivery to your home it can be a little bit more challenging. You may need to plan for these things. For example, simply ordering a pizza becomes a bit more difficult when you live in a gated community. You can't just simply punch in your address and expect to see the pizza delivery person at your door within 30 minutes. Planning a party in your home can also become a bit more complicated in a gated community. You may find yourself with extra planning steps to take by getting every guest a gate pass and having them registered with the gatekeeper in the community.

If you're considering the purchase of a gated community home and Winter Garden please contact me. I can help you find homes within gated communities that fit your search criteria. Contact me anytime with any of your Winter Garden real estate needs.

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